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  • About Suzanne Opperman

    About Suzanne Opperman

    Are you or your loved one having issues with alcohol use, drugs, activities? Have you reached your wits end with trying to quit your life of dependency on chemicals (alcohol or drugs) or activities (gabling, eating disorder, anger management, sexual behaviors, or others)? Do you feel alone in the world? You find yourself feeling worthless, depressed, and helpless?. Sometimes you have turned to hiding your activities from loved ones, maybe even kidding yourself. Are you feeling shame because you aren’t truthful with others or yourself?  Openings same day/next day. Call/text answers in 1 hour. Teletherapy to your computer or phone.

    Maybe you are someone whose loved one (child, teen, adult child or partner) has become another person wrapped up in their using or maybe an activity that they are obsessed with? I also work with families and friends of those with dependencies. I offer ways to find relief from the anger, fear, and emotional roller coaster of your current situation.

    Clients tell me I provide a safe and supportive place to talk. They feel heard. You have a choice to change your life. I offer a positive atmosphere to explore ways to change your thinking. I offer a free 30 min phone consult to start your journey. I am a cash pay office. A range of fees are offered, starting at $50 per hour.

    Recovery Group online

    Friday 8:00 PM. SMART Recovery Group Meeting

    Family, Friends, and Loved Ones also have  Group Counseling available. Counseling for Family and Friends of those with dependencies is learning about how to change one’s focus in their situation. Self Care is emphasized initially, followed by changing methods of communicating with their loved one. Learning to stop unhelpful behavior such as nagging, yelling, demanding. Learning instead to provide messages that are supportive and positive while first taking care of themselves. This approach is done with evidence-based practice utilizing Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

    Monday 8:30 PM Family and Friends SMART Group